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Fancy a movie in English? Let's roll!
Scritto da 4C e 5C ling   
venerdì 11 marzo 2016
LocandinaLiam Chris Hemsworth, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Marion Cotillard...Have you ever tried listening to their real voices? Starting from this school year our Institute and UCI Cinemas Palariviera give you the chance to do it by watching movies in their original language.
This is, for sure, a way to have fun and to learn something without actually studying on boring books. Take History: through films you can discuss social and political issues, and learn about wars or events that affected the entire world; we saw "Bridge of Spies", for example, on the dynamics between USA and USSR during the Cold War.
Watching an undulled movie can also help you with your vocabulary, pronunciation and listening skills. Overmore you can spend an alternative afternoon with your friends and see teachers in a brand new light (did you know that they laugh, cry and feel emotions too?).
We bring our mums too, sometimes, and then fight with them back home over topics, like which actor rocks.. . And what to say of the price, which is 4 euros only. Subtitles are available too. Even though sometimes you don't get a thing (have you seen Macbeth?!), it's a great and useful experience; hey, by the way, San Benedetto is ranking top in the viewers national hit parade (proportionally to the size of the population of course), as it turned up at the last meeting of the UCI Cinema Directors held in Rome.
Yeah, we believe in what the seventh art can do for our English, and, c'mon… the actors are waiting for you!
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