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sabato 23 marzo 2019


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The genius, the man
Scritto da Mrs De Fanis, Mrs Marchei, Mrs Vero   
domenica 15 aprile 2018

 Political fervor and commitment star and pair up with friendship and care in The Young Karl Marx, portrait of that visionary who kindled the European workers' awakening to class consciousness and cross-national struggle. The founder of scientific socialism, who shattered the universal moralistic "we're-all-brothers" view of his time, is not pictured as an abstract intellectual but as an adventurous spirit pursuing revolutionary goals while experiencing hand-to-mouth living, exile and police chase.

He's not alone in this venture: drawn together by common purpose and mutual understanding, both bright, passionate, fun and thought-provoking, he and his fellow Engels join effort to create a unitary movement that will bring forth one of the most powerful political ideals in history.

Do join us this coming Wednesday! Movie starts at 08:00 p.m. and ticket's only 4 euro for Capriotti school.

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