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domenica 16 giugno 2019


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Green Book
Scritto da Mrs De Fanis, Mrs Marchei, Mrs Vero   
martedì 05 febbraio 2019
 Buddy movie on the road.
The Negro Motorist Green Book is a guide that in the prejudiced Sixties coloured Americans could resort to for tips on board and lodging  along road trips. The famous Afro-American pianist Don Shirley and his newly hired driver Tony Lip will need it during the musician's two-month tour in the deep South in this true story of friendship and moral growth against class snobbery and racial bias. One well read, polished and posh, the other curt, undisciplined and bullheaded, they’re like apples and oranges; but they’ll eventually learn from each other and get to know themselves  through a journey down discovery and self-awakening.
Come along! Movie’s on this coming Wednesday at 08:00 p.m., ticket’s 4 euros for Capriotti school.
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