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venerdì 01 marzo 2024





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Scritto da Mrs De Fanis, Mrs Marchei, Mrs Vero   
venerdì 19 novembre 2021

 Hi there, flick folks, Movie Experience is back! We’re going to give it a fresh start with a sparkling show, visionary Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch. In a  tribute to the classic journalism of famed magazines  like the high-brow  New Yorker, the movie puts on display three of the most celebrated articles that the fictional review based in an imaginary French city republished  before shutting down after the sudden death of director Horowitz. Following the rétro  taste, the news of a convicted painter in love with his warder, a  student revolt reminiscent of the 1968 events  and the announced kidnapping of a police investigator’s own child  turn out to be narrated rather than reported, morphed into  tales that blend in the fantastic and the surreal, and that give life to a gallery of unique characters thanks to an extraordinary patchwork of styles, techniques and visual forms  the likes of which are  usually employed in story-telling:  vintage, theatric, comic strips, graphics, abstract art, black-and-white…

Take  a ride on the tilt-a-whirl and enjoy the magical atmosphere! The show is on at 08:15 p.m. this coming Tuesday and tickets are only 5 euros (no 18 App) for Capriotti school.

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